Motorcycle Diaries Feb 2019 – Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards

At the beginning of February, a Google Photos notification popped up on my phone – Rediscover the day, 3 Years Ago. This series of photo memories reminded me of my first decent trip on my first Tiger 800, up to Aberystwyth in Wales and back. This trip was meant to be a weekend route provided by Adventure Bike Rider’s Discover Britain feature, but bad weather on the Saturday pushed the trip back to a very, very long Sunday run.

It brought back some great memories and I realised that I would soon be back up in the Welsh countryside. A different Tiger, different event, and a very different rider.

I’ve been out almost every Sunday at the crack of dawn, riding the many trails and greenlanes of Devon. I feel like my off-road riding skills are improving and the bike is getting tweaked and upgraded too. All in preparation for the Taffy Drwg in May, the first, of hopefully many, rallies, UK and abroad. I’m determined to get everything I can out of this bike both on and off the road.

This Month’s Upgrades:

  • Smaller Front Sprocket to help with slow speed riding
  • Kreiga Tail Bag
  • Barkbusters VPS Handguards
  • New Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet
  • A few GoPro mounts

A few of these I decided were necessary upgrades for the bike so they are featured in a previous post here:

5 Affordable Upgrades to Turn your Tiger into a Proper Adventure Machine

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